Education & Older Adults

The SHARE Network believes that improving the lives of older adults in our communities starts with education and empowerment. Below you will find some of our educational offerings for healthcare providers, community members, caregivers, and older adults.

Echo group

Dementia Resource Champions (DRC) Online

Following the model we first launched in faith-based communities in 2017, DRC Online is a 6-week educational series meant to empower people to become champions on dementia information and resources for their communities. Through six modules, students will learn all about dementia, hear directly from caregivers and past DRC graduates, and be equipped to set up their own Caregiver Support Groups. The course is offered quarterly and free of charge. (Next Session: January 2024).

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ECHO-Chicago is an interactive, case-based educational series for health care providers. Series topics include Geriatrics for Primary Care Providers, Geriatrics for Skilled Nursing Facilities, and more. Please review the ECHO-Chicago listing for dates and times.

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Centering Our Values:

A Hands-On Guide to Dementia Care and Decision-Making

Created specifically with African American caregivers in mind, this guidebook is a one-stop resource for you and your loved one with dementia. The online version (also available in print) includes information and tools that follow the stages of dementia. Fill-out worksheets with your loved one to help guide you through the many difficult decisions involved in the dementia care journey.

Video Presentations

SHARE Network has a number of educational presentations ready to watch from your computer at any time. Head over to the SHARE Network YouTube Page for presentations on the “Age-Friendly” 4Ms (Mobility, Medications, Mentation/Mind, and What Matters), as well as presentations meant tailored for healthcare providers on topics such as COVID Vaccine Hesitancy and Resiliency Strategies. You can also check out our video series in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Association on dementia and caregiving.