Long-Term Care Ombudsman (Department of Aging)

In Illinois, volunteers represent the Illinois Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program when they visit residents in long-term care facilities. Volunteer ombudsmen visit residents on a regular basis, listen to residents’ concerns and problems while having a friendly visit, and report to an Ombudsman Supervisor who will guide and direct volunteers while they respond to the needs of residents. The program asks for a one or two year commitment, which enables the volunteer and resident to get to know each other, and the volunteer gains valuable experience as an ombudsman. Volunteers will usually visit residents in one or two facilities near their home on a regular basis, about once every one or two weeks. The most important requirements are compassion, respect for older adults, and common sense. The program provides the training needed to enable volunteers to help residents know their rights. If interested in volunteering, please complete the brief application at https://www.illinois.gov/aging/ProtectionAdvocacy/Documents/omb_voluntr_brochure.pdf