Shopping Angels

Grocery Delivery to Your Door.

Shopping Angels is a program designed to provide services to those populations deemed especially at-risk for the novel COVID-19 virus that is spreading throughout the United States. To help ease the uncertainty, anxiety, and fear surrounding this pandemic, we are volunteering our time to personally deliver groceries or other shopping necessities to those who may prefer to stay within the safety of their own home at no additional cost.

This program is entirely volunteer-based – we do not ask for gas money, tips, or delivery fees! 

We help many different types of individuals, to include (but not limiting to) immunocompromised individuals, those with heart/lung conditions, seniors, parents of young children, and those who are self-isolating due to possible exposure to COVID-19.Shopping Angels is volunteer-owned, operated, and driven. Join our team of over 7,000 volunteers internationally who are dedicated to serving at-risk populations and providing vital delivery service – free of charge – to those most in need.