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Older adults on the South Side have unique health care needs and require a unique approach to care. There are too few geriatric specialists to meet the current and future needs of older South Side residents, and many providers and community members lack training to meet the health care needs of older adults.

The SHARE Network brings older adults, caregivers, primary care providers, and geriatric specialists together to share knowledge and resources. Through workforce education and community outreach, we bridge the gap between geriatric specialty care and the community.


The Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) is an innovative model to train community-based providers to deliver state-of-the-art care for common, chronic diseases in vulnerable, under-served communities.

ECHO is built on the premise that

  1. technology can be used to leverage scarce resources
  2. case-based, iterative learning is the most effective way to improve clinical practice
  3. knowledge transfer can improve the quality care in community health centers

Using advanced communication technologies ECHO bridges the gap between disease specialists at academic medical centers and providers who deliver comprehensive, culturally relevant, care at neighborhood-based health centers. The approach is case-based and iterative, similar to clinical rounds, the most prevalent model in clinical education.


Katherine Thompson, MD
Principal Investigator / Program Director

Dr. Thompson is a national leader in geriatrics and medical education. As principal investigator and project director of the SHARE Network, Dr. Thompson provides guidance, leadership, and strategic vision to all key aspects of the SHARE Network project. Her clinical and educational expertise is on interdisciplinary care of older adults with frailty and multimorbidity.

Dr. Thompson currently provides care to patients at the University of Chicago’s Outpatient Senior Health Center at South Shore. She lives on the South Side of Chicago with her husband and three children.

Stacie Levine, MD
Co-Investigator and Educational Advisor

Dr. Levine is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Chicago Medicine and a national leader in Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine education. She strives to provide the highest level of support to patients and their families during transitions in care.

Dr. Levine advises on project development efforts, and facilitates medical training sessions with both clinical and community-based learners. Dr. Levine also leads the Older Adults as Teachers program, and facilitates educational modules in primary and long-term care environments, as well as leading Healthy Aging programming at SHARE Network community-based partner sites.

Daniel Johnson, MD

Dr. Johnson is Section Chief of the Section of Academic Pediatrics and an Associate Professor of Infectious Disease at the University of Chicago. Dr. Johnson is committed to the development of community-based pediatric care in underserved areas, accomplished through partnerships with federally qualified health clinics and community hospitals.

Dr. Johnson serves as co-investigator, and advises on bringing subspecialty expertise to primary care providers and best practices in distance learning and videoconferencing. He has significant expertise and proven outcomes in this area through his leadership in the ECHO-Chicago project.


Jason Molony, AM
Program Manager

As Program Manager, Jason is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the SHARE Network. He has a graduate degree from the School of Service Administration at the University of Chicago. He has extensive private sector technology and non-profit management experience, as well as expertise in community-focused solutions to aging in place, health education and outreach, and grant management. Jason lives on the South Side with his wife and daughter.

Monica Long, BSN, RN
Nurse Educator/Project Site Coordinator

Monica Long is our Nurse Educator responsible for the workforce education with Symphony Post Acute Network.  She has over 24 years of nursing home experience and assisting the geriatric population is her passion.  Monica is stationed at the south side location Symphony of South Shore, and is currently extending the educational initiatives throughout six of the Symphony sites around the Chicago area via ECHO video conferencing technology with the help of the SHARE Network team.   The curriculum/topics expound on evidence based practices to assist healthcare providers to apply to patient care for better patient outcomes.


Jeff Graupner, MPH
Research Specialist

Jeff Graupner is a Master of Public Health with a background in epidemiology and biostatistics. As Research Specialist for the SHARE Network, Mr. Graupner is responsible for the many tasks that make the project run smoothly: from data collection and project evaluation to event planning and implementation.

Leah Kelemen

Research Assistant

Leah Kelemen studied Anthropology and Psychology at SUNY Purchase. With a background in education and community development, Leah’s focus is on data analysis, communications, and administrative support.