Few things are more important than a safe, stable and comfortable place to live. Yet, finding the right place can be a major challenge. For some, staying at home may be possible with a few repairs, an emergency response system to alert help. Indeed, some of these services are even available for free for those who qualify. For others, a more supportive setting that offers medical or other help available on site may be a better fit.

Here are some general resources to help you find the right place:

Alzheimer's Association Residential Care Guide

Choosing a Home Health Agency

Your Way! How to Find Dignity and Choice in a Nursing Home

Nursing Home Compare

Chicago Nursing Home Search

Alternatives for Seniors

Important note: Inclusion on this list does mean that the SHARE Network is vouching, verifying, or otherwise endorsing any listed resource. We strongly urge you to carefully research available housing options prior to making a decision.